How to Play Slots

online slotsSlot machines, informally called fruit machines in Europe, are extremely popular with casino players. This is mainly owing to the jackpots offered at slot machines. More than fifty percent of most casino revenue comes from slots machines. These casino machines have three or more reels that spin when a button or lever is pushed. There are different types of slot machine games that you can play at a casino, however, the game play for most of them are similar. Here are some aspects that can help you play at slot machines with ease:

How to play at slot machines

To start playing at a casino slot machine, you will have to take one of three actions – insert coins, money or a ticket that has a barcode. If you are using currency, put the money into a currency acceptor slot provided on the machine. You can then activate the machine. The games at a slot machine generally do not require skill, as the game is largely one based on chance. The main objective of playing at slot machines is to match all the symbols on the screen reels so that you can win money at the machine.

The most widely sought slot games are nickel and penny video games, and dollar and quarter games that involve reel spinning. In addition to this, casinos also feature video games that can be played with 2 and 10 cents, a quarter and dollar too. Casinos also offer reel spinning games that can be played with up to $100. Generally, reel spinning machines take two and three coins at one time, while video slots take up to 500 coins at a time.

How slot machines work

At a reel spinning slot machine, you can press a button tagged ‘play a credit’ till it reaches the specific coin number that you want to play for. Next, depending on whether your machine has a lever or button system, pull the lever or hit the button marked ‘spin reels’ or ‘play max cards’. This option will play for the maximum number of coins that can be played for on the machine.

At a video slot machine, you will have to push a button to inform the machine, the number of play-lines to be activated. You will have to push another button to signify the credits to be wagered on each line. One configuration you may come across at slot machines is 9, at which, between 1 and 5 credits can be wagered. Other video slots may come with 25, 15 and even 50 play-lines and accept a maximum of 25 coins at a time.

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Payout lines at reel spin machines

Reel spinning slot machines may have one, three or five payout lines that correspond to the number of coins played. The symbols stop at the top of each payout line and the number of same symbols that align indicates whether you win or not. Common symbols that are featured on a reel-spinning machine are cherries, sevens and bars. If a single cherry rests on top of a payout line, the machine may pay you two coins. The machine may reward 10 coins for a combination of bars – single, double or triple.

Payout lines at video slot machines

Generally, video slots have five reels that spin on the screen, and pay-lines that run across the screen, in Vs and zigzags. Most recent casino machines have close to 50 pay-lines each. Additionally, video slots may feature scatter pays and bonus rounds. A scatter pay is activated when more than twp specific symbols appear on screen. When bonus rounds are activated, you will be given a certain number of spins for free or another screen.