Game Variety on Online Casinos

online casino game variety

According to research carried out by the Betting and International Gaming Research Units at Nottingham Trent University, a good number of people choose their online casinos on the basis of the game variety it offers. In fact, game variety is one of the most significant aspects that attract players to an online casino.

Why is Game Variety Important?

Today, practically, anyone can play casino games as long as they have an internet connection and a computer at home. This means that there is a mixed gaming audience with potentially varied game preferences, at the innumerable casinos that operate on the internet. To cater to this requirement, casinos have to provide game variety.

Games for players with varying levels of skill: Some casinos gamers may be highly skilled players who have spent years honing their gaming skills at brick and mortar casinos. Typically, these players would prefer to match their wits against other similarly experienced players in skill games like poker. Some players may be lured to online casino gaming by the attractive bonuses and promotions and deposit matches offered by many casinos. These players may be first time players with little to no knowledge of casino games. Luck games are the best suited for these players. Yet others may have some experience but prefer to stick to low skill games offering high bonuses.

Games for different player objectives: There are a number of online casino players who simply play for enjoyment without having specific goals like that of making money. Others have a structured plan to earn a target profit from each of their gaming sessions. The casino should be able to provide games that give the player a good edge as well as run games that are profitable for the house, to stay in business, while catering to different player objectives.

Games to provide adequate variety: It is not necessary that a skilled poker player will only play poker all the time. He may dabble with small stakes games or luck games like bingo just for the variety. For new players, game variety lets them pair up hard-to-win games with simpler ones so that they can offset losses to some extent.

It is for these reasons that almost every online casino worth its salt, offers a good variety of games to its players. In fact, several top notch casinos, including Players Only, include a range of sports betting opportunities that let players wager on the outcome of horse racing, auto racing, basketball, hockey etc., in addition to casino games like poker.

Finding a Good Casino with Adequate Game Variety

It is an easy task to assess the game variety offered by an online casino by simply visiting its web page. The various games offered are usually listed clearly on the home page so that even first time users can simply click and go to the game they are interested in. Some casinos may operate different sites for different game groups such as SkyBet, SkyVegas, SkyPoker and SkyBingo, all from the BSkyB group.

Casinos like Sportsbook categorize their games under relevant headings, such as ‘virtual sports’, ‘table games’, ‘card games’ etc., so that even a player who is not familiar with the specific games in each category can quickly make his way to the right section of the online casino.

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