Craps Hedge Bets

hedgde bet crapsCraps is a game of chance where the outcome of the dice roll cannot be predicted. Even the most experienced player, who knows how to increase his chances of winning, is sure to lose at some point, despite the strategies and tips he uses for increasing the odds. This is perhaps one reason why a number of craps players place hedge bets, and hope to reduce their losses to an extent. Hedge betting is splitting a single bet to place two smaller but compensating bets with the aim of making at least a small profit or reducing the loss of making a large bet.

How Does Hedge Betting Work

When you choose to hedge a bet, it means that you are trying to protect one of your bets with another. Although craps hedge bets are good for minimizing your losses and playing more with lesser money, it is not always a good option. These bets are usually placed during the come-out dice roll, in the following combinations:

Pass-Line/ Craps Hedge

A number of players place hedge bets on a craps bet, whenever they place a pass line bet. This is done with the belief that even if the players fail to win a pass line bet with a natural (7 or 11), they can win in case a craps number (2, 3 or 12) turns up. So, in case you place a pass line bet of $5 and a hedge bet of $1 on craps, you will still get $7 in case a 2, 3 or 12 turns up (craps bet has a 7:1 odds) even if you lose your $5 pass-line bet.

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Although this seems like a great way to make profits if you win, you may actually end up losing both bets if neither a natural nor a craps number turns up, resulting in a decrease in your bankroll.

Don’t Pass-Line/ Point Hedge – Another common hedge bet that many players opt for is the ‘don’t pass-line’ and the point hedge bets. In this, a player who bets on the ‘don’t pass-line’ also bets on a point, usually a 6 or an 8 as these have a better chance of appearing than other numbers on the dice, except 7.

For example, a player places the first wager on a don’t pass-line for $10. In case the number that appears is a point such as a 6 or an 8, the player then places a bet of $6 on the point. So if a seven appears on the next throw, the player wins an amount of $10 for the don’t pass-line bet and loses the $6 place bet. In case it is a six or an eight, the player wins an amount of $7 on the place bet, while losing the $10 don’t pass-line bet.

When to Use Craps Hedge Betting

Craps hedge bets can be great if you want to use a small bankroll to play for long time, while making small amounts of profits. However, hedging may not be all that profitable for longer losing spells of craps. To really make the most of online craps hedge bets, it is important to have a clear idea about the different bets you can make and the strategies to use them efficiently. In addition, you should also choose a reliable casino like Europa, GR88, Party or Players Only to play at.